About Thibault & Nicole

West Coast Swing world champions, instructors, performers & choreographers

Our Story

We met in 2015, finding a shared language only in the rhythm of dance. Thibault couldn’t speak English; Nicole couldn’t speak French. But on the dance floor, we effortlessly connected. We used Google Translate to grow closer, and in January 2019, we officially started our partnership, falling in love at the same time.

Together, we are two-time World Champions in the Showcase division and individually hold six World Championship titles. We spend 46 weekends a year traveling globally, teaching, performing, judging, and competing at the West Coast Swing events. Our expertise and passion for the dance make us highly sought-after at congresses and events worldwide.

Even during the pandemic, we never paused–instead, we refined our skills, crafted mini-routines, engaged in online teaching, and improvised daily. We pushed ourselves, developing our style and keeping our community inspired.

We founded Unit Dance Center to establish a learning hub for dancers to grow their West Coast Swing. Our mini-choreography intensives challenge dancers to learn and perform routines at events. Our annual Unit Dance Festival is a testament to our commitment, pushing dancers to learn choreography and perform for a professional camera crew.

Together, they are two-time World Champions with their Showcase routine, as well as individually hold six World Championship titles. They travel worldwide (46 weekends per year) to some of the biggest events, teaching, performing, judging, and competing. The two are in high-demand at events and congresses for their performances, knowledge, and love for this dance. Even during the pandemic, their passion pushed them to work on their skills, creating and performing mini-routines, teaching online, and improvising daily to continue to grow and develop their style even more, while keeping their community inspired. Together they choreograph routines and coach dancers all around the world with an emphasis on technique and precision.

Teaching together, we’ve developed a great rhythm delivering technique-focused classes in a relaxed, enjoyable environment. With over 20 years of experience in West Coast Swing and various partner and solo dances, our our teaching style benefits dancers of all styles. On-stage and in-class, we love to motivate and inspire our audiences, bringing our emotion, passion, and energy.

Thibault & Nicole Ramirez
Thibault Ramirez

About Thibault Ramirez

I grew up in Toulon, in the south of France, the son of professional dance teachers and performers. I began dancing at the age of 6, starting with Boogie Woogie. I excelled in this style, competing in both Junior and Main class divisions and winning a French championship title.

I dedicated much of my youth to my parents’ dance studio, taking classes in most couple dances and starting to teach at the age of 15.

In October 2013, I participated in my first West Coast Swing (WCS) competition in the Novice division. I quickly became passionate about WCS, eventually focusing solely on it, and I spend years training with top professionals in the dance, aiming to become a top professional myself.

In less than four years, I became one of the top All-Star dances and made a name for myself by placing in many European and American events. My unique style is influenced by my Boogie Woogie experience, particularly my precision and musicality.

In 2018, I was a Classic finalist with Estelle Bonnaire, placing 6th at The Open World Swing Dance Championships. The following year, 2019, I became the first French and European dancer to win the World Championships with my partner Nicole (Clonch) Ramirez in the Showcase division. I am also the first dancer to win a Jack & Jill in the Championships division at The Open 2022 and French Open 2023.

I am considered a top WCS Champion dancer worldwide and continue to travel globally to share my knowledge with dance communities. Every day, I strive to elevate my skills in this dance, seeing each day as a new competition with myself.

About Nicole Ramirez

I’ve been dancing all my life. When I was just three years old, my parents took me and my twin to our local dance studio in Redlands, California, where we immediately began duet routines and group classes. That studio, owned by Buddy and Laurie Schwimmer, became my second home. I started with ballet, jazz, and tap, but by the age of five, I had found my very first dance partner and began dancing West Coast Swing.

My first routine at The Open Swing Dance Championships was at the age of 6, and I haven’t missed a year since. My training was comprehensive, including contemporary, hip hop, ballet, and other solo dancers. Being on stage became second nature to me, highlighted by performing on “Dancing With The Stars” at the age of 9. To accommodate my training, my parents homeschooled me, allowing me to dedicate more time to dance.

I won multiple titles in the Young Adult division at The Open Swing Dance Championships with my then-partner Chris Dumond and became one of the youngest competitors in the All-Star division. In 2015, I partnered with Benji Schwimmer, my coach and mentor, and together we won the Showcase division four times. I began traveling and teaching globally, performing at major congresses and events, including making the top 20 on “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2017.

In 2018, when Benji retired from competition, I continued with a new partner, Thibault Ramirez from France. Together, we became World Champions in the Showcase division in 2019, marking my sixth World Champion title at The Open.

Dance is not just my passion; it’s my life. I am constantly pushing myself to improve, thriving every day on my greatest motivation: the freedom and expression that movement brings.

Nicole Ramirez