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Thibault & Nicole

Our story...

Thibault and Nicole first met in 2015 with the only mutual language they had being dance. He didn’t speak English and she didn’t speak French but they effortlessly connected on the dance floor. They communicated through google translate and began making plans to become a partnership in the next few years. Finally in January 2019, they started their partnership, quickly building a strong base and at the same time, falling in love with each other. 


 In 2019 Thibault and Nicole became the World Champions with their Showcase routine, and immediately began traveling all over the world teaching, performing, judging, and competing. The two are in high demand at all events and congresses for their performances, knowledge, and love for this dance. Even during the pandemic, their passion pushed them to work on their skills, creating and performing mini routines, teaching online and improvising daily to continue to grow and develop their style even more, keeping their community inspired. Together they choreograph routines and coach dancers all around the world with an emphasis on technique and precision. 


As the creators of Unit Dance Center, they have a developed a platform for dancers to learn and grow in WCS and Flash Choreo, with mini choreography intensives for dancers to challenge themselves and perform routines at events. 

Their annual event called Unit Dance Festival, pushes dancers to learning choreography and performing for a professional camera crew. 


The pair have developed a great rhythm teaching classes and intensives together, offering great technique in a relaxed and fun environment. With over 20 years of knowledge in West Coast Swing and other partner and solo dances, their teaching style is highly sought after everywhere they go and benefits dancers of all styles. Their emotive, passionate spirits shine when they are on stage and while teaching. They love to motivate their students to excel and reach their maximum potential. Their personalities are very energetic and open to connecting with people, on and off the dance floor.

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